Lopatina str., 7A/1 - 5
Kopische, Minsk district
220125, Belarus
Tel. +375 17 322 08 73
Fax +375 17 322 08 72

E-mail: info@aaacargo.by


Professional, efficient and cost effective logistic solution is key to success in any modern company. Alpha Air Agency develops tailored solutions to satisfy the individual needs of our customers and provides a multitude of services such as air, sea, road, multi-modal transportation, customs brokerage, cargo insurance, consultancy services:

Air freight transportation
Sea freight transportation
Road freight transportation
Railway transportation
Multi-modal transportation

Customs brokerage
Consultancy services
Warehousing and consolidations
Door-to-door service
Cargo insurance
Importer of Record Service
Service Parts Logistics

150x120 air freight 480x120 Sea freight

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