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E-Booking of Dangerous Goods Air Shipments from Belarus


Dangerous goods are now bookable via Internet!


Lufthansa Cargo AG airline has introduced e-booking service for dangerous goods shipments. Lufthansa is a leading air freight carrier in Minsk, Belarus. AAA Cargo, as a cargo agent for Lufthansa in Belarus has been using Lufhansa e-booking service for general cargo for a few years already. E-booking greatly simplifies and accelerates the process of air shipment. New e-booking facility of Lufthansa for air freight flown as dangerous goods will bring benefits to our air freight customers. We highly value this air freight product enhancement, and appreciate the fact that it arrived just in time, when we emphasize on our new AAA - A2 Cargo Time Critical product for clinical trials and biopharmaceutical industries in Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia and Russia. 
Customer benefits:
• Dangerous Air Freight from Minsk booking and DGR Declaration transmission 7/24
• Amendments of cargo booking and airway bill immediately transmitted to freight origin and destination
• Automatic data entry control and verification to avoid mistakes in documentation 
• Query processing by dedicated dangerous goods team 


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