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Following the expansion in 2011 air and sea freight forwarding company A2 Cargo has moved its air freight and sea freight sales and customer service departments to new facilities in Naujamiesčio Bussines Center at Svitrigailos str. 11 B, LT-03228, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Handling of air freight shipments from Lithuania and import air freight to Lithuania as will be taken care of by our air freight department located at BALT-Cargo air freight terminal in Vilnius Airport. A2 Cargo operational department, located right at the biggest air freight terminal in Lithuania, is responsible for handling air freight shipments including customs formalities for air import, air export, transit shipments, air freight packing, marking and labeling, issue of air way bill and other freight documentation, that must accompany all air freight shipments. The A2 Cargo staff at Vilnius Airport Air Cargo Terminal BALT-Cargo is responsible for the compliance to IATA air cargo transportation requirements.

For your questions and enquiries, please contact us by email: info.lt@a2cargo.com or visit us at our new office at:

A2 Cargo, UAB
Svitrigailos str.11B
LT-03228, Vilnius

150x120 Sea freight 480x120 Air freight

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