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Customs Clearance

Customs clearance in Belarus by Alpha Air Agency

Effective clearance of international cargoes at customs is critical to success of any global supply chain. Alpha Air Agency's team of customs brokers will provide quick and professional customs clearance services in Belarus, while our network partners will assist to arrange pick up, delivery and customs procedures at any place abroad. We offer a complete menu of traditional brokerage services including:

  • Customs clearance at the National Airport Minsk and PTO Ascargoterminal
  • Customs Regimes of Imports, Exports, and Transit to, from or via Belarus or Customs Union
  • Customs Procedures Consulting in accordance with the Customs Code of the Customs Union
  • Preparation of a complete set of documents, required for customs clearance in Belarus
  • Classification of goods according to Belarusian and Customs Union Nomenclature - identification of the appropriate HS code 
  • Advising on Import Licences, valuation, duty reliefs, preferences, import and export certification 
  • Calculation of customs duties and taxes 
  • Express Customs Clearance - speed-up of customs clearance 
  • Tailored solutions for pojects, complicated and non-standard situations
AAA Cargo will arrange clearance of shipments in Minsk Airport, or at any customs terminal in Minsk and delivery to any location in Belarus. We do have regular lines to Gomel, Grodno, Vitebsk, Migiliov, Bobruisk. We also arrange customs bonded transportation from Minsk to a final destination, in case the clearance should be completed there. 


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