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Kopische, Minsk district
220125, Belarus
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E-mail: info@aaacargo.by

Services: Air freight transportation | Sea freight transportation | Road freight transportation | Railway transportation | Multi-modal transportation | Customs brokerage | Consultancy services | Warehousing and consolidations | Door-to-door service | Cargo insurance | Importer of Record Service | Service Parts Logistics

Consultancy services

Are you looking for best logistic solution or need a good professional advice? Do you have many questions and don't know where to start from? Our experienced people systematically identify problems and opportunities, develop solutions, that consider all alternatives and create detailed plans that result in perfect start-ups.

Call us! We will definitely find the best solution for you and will save your valuable time and money.

For more information call + 375 17 263 9224 or fill in a request.

150x120 air freight 480x120 Sea freight

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